Swinging Clubs

Swingers clubs are a great way to introduce yourself into the swinging world. Purposebuilt swingers clubs are a safe and secure way to initiate yourself into the swinging lifestyle. Swingers clubs often have themed rooms and purposebuilt facilities for popular activities and fetishes. Common facilities at a swingers club include fetish rooms, bars, porn cinemas, wet rooms, group rooms, glory holes, cages & exhibitionist areas.

Private Parties

Once you’ve got your feet in the swinging door, you’ll find yourself being invited to private play parties! These are often at private homes, hotels or at clubs which have been rented just for that party. Private swingers parties are a great opportunity to have naughty fun with a group of similar swingers who are into the adult lifestyle.

Fetish Clubs

For those with akinkier mindset, fetish clubs are a fantastic place to delve into depravity. Whether you are a submissive, dominant, master, mistress or somewhere in between, a fetish club is the perfect place for swingers to experiment with some pain, pleasure and restraint.

Lifestyle Clubs

Lifestyle clubs are not explicitly swingers clubs, though swinging is accepted. Quite often an adult lifestyle club is a crossover between a swingers club and a nudist or exhibitionist club where nudity is accepted. A great place to start if you aren’t willing to get involved and sweaty straight away!

Lifestyle Parties

Lifestyle parties unlike swingers parties bring together a wider variety of adults interested in having a great time. Parties such as those at Hedonism in Jamaica cater for those who just want to be a little sexy, as well as those who want to get down and dirty.

Swinging Holidays

There are many companies out there now who are explicitly involved in creating holidays for swingers. Due to the nature of these holidays, they are often organised at Lifestyle Resorts such as Hedonism, or in private villas and on swinging cruises.

Swinging Events

There are 100s of Events for swingers across the world everyday, from full on swingers parties at clubs to munches at your local pub or bar. These events can cater for all levels of swinger, from Novice swingers to experienced swingers.

Sex Clubs

Sex clubs are different to swingers clubs, in one code sense, they often have well known porn actors or actresses taking part. Especially popular across Europe, paid swinging parties at sex clubs have become popular with single men who want to have a swinging experience with a well known adult actress or pornstar.

Swinger resorts

Swingers resorts are popping up all over the world, adult friendly hotels with private pools and beaches where families and children are most definitely not allowed. Regular activities, parties and shows take place on a daily basis to keep the atmosphere sexy and raunchy. These are great for couples who want to relax in the sun, sunbathe nude, watch and be watched getting freaky outside, whilst also having planned fun such as stripping competitions or naked Marco Polo.

Dogging spots

Dogging started in the UK as a way to watch, be watched or be involved with strangers having sex outdoors, normally in a car, car park or in woodland. Dogging can be a great swinging thrill, but always be safe! There are 100s of dogging spots across the UK. Whilst dogging is not technically illegal, it is if you offend someone, ie you get caught by someone who didn’t want to catch you. There are socially acceptable and private dogging spots all across the UK.


Saunas have long been an almost exclusively gay swinging seem for gay Male swingers. The perfect place to get hot and sweaty with other gay swingers in a controlled environment. Gay saunas will often have pools, wet areas and glory holes.

Sex cinemas

Sex cinemas can be found all across Europe and America. Porn booths can also be found in America. It is common for there to be glory holes between porn booths in America. Sex cinemas can be busy and filled with couples, or they can be filled with older men in trench coats. Make sure you research the cinema you’re interested in before you go, to check the clientele is the kind of audience you are looking for with your swinging adventures.

Rainbow Parties

Rainbow or lipstick parties are a potentially originally fictional idea where several women wear different colour lipsticks, each taking turns to give every guy a blowjob, of course by the end the guys cocks will be multicolored or … rainbow like. Although originally fictional, it is now definitely a theme that several swingers clubs are taking on board for themed nights.

CFNM Parties

CFNM or clothed female naked male events are events normally associated with submissive men and dominant women at fetish clubs, where the men are expected to be naked for the entire party, often serving the women.

CMNF Parties

CMNF or clothed male naked female events are events normally associated with submissive women and dominant men at fetish clubs, where the women are expected to be fully nude for the event, often serving the men.