Oral sex

Oral sex be it fellatio or cullingnus is one of the easiest and safest entry points into swinging. Often considered foreplay before full penetrative sex, some would consider oral sex even better than penetrative six! Infact some people only partake in oral sex! Common fetishes include face sitting, facials, cum play and cum swallowing.


A gangbang is where multiple swingers have sex with a one or two individuals. This could for example be four of five men having penetrative sex with one woman. Some gangbang scenarios at swingers parties will see maybe thirty or fourth men have sex with a small number of women, this is a very common fantasy for both men and women. It is possible to have both a straight, bi-sexual, transgender or gay gang bang.


Unlike a ganbang an orgy is where multiple swingers take turns having sex with each other. Often group rooms at swingers clubs turn into orgies. Multiple couples, single women and single women having sex with each other, swapping sexual partners. By definition a swingers orgy is where multiple people have free and unrestricted sex with each other, often within a party.


A threesome is the most commonly experienced and fantasised about swinging experience. The most popular theesome combinations are Male-female- Male, Male-female-Male, female-female-female and Male-Male-Male. A threesome is a great way for a couple to experiment with bisexuality and spice things up in a strong and open relationship. Popularly, men often fantasies about having sex with two women whilst women often fantasies about having sex with two men or with two women.


A foursome is the secondly most commonly experience and fantasised about type of swinging. The most popular combinations for foursome swinging are Male-female-Male-female, Male-female-female-femake, female-Male-male-Male, female-female-female-female and Male-Male-Male-male. Again a foursome is a common option for swinger couples. Foursomes for couples often involve either same room sex or partner swapping. Partner swapping can either be “soft swapping” which is normally to be all but penetrative sex, or “full swapping” which is normally considered to include full penetrative sex.


Bukake is an increasingly popular swinging fetish where multiple Male swingers ejaculate or cum onto a female or male’s body, most commonly their face. This is an increasingly popular fantasy for both men and women in the swinging community. Bukake may or may not include cum play, cum swallowing or cum drinking.

Greedy Girls

a greedy girls swingers party circles around of the idea of one or more women wanting to have sex with multiple men, hence the title “greedy girls”. A greedy girls swinging party often consists of multiple men receiving oral, then penetrative sex with one woman, often ending with some form of cum play where all of the men cum on the woman, potentially bukake.

Glory Holes

A glory hole has a simple premise, a man puts his cock through a hole in a door or wall, the man or woman on the other side, in most cases is anonymous, then gives a blow job to the cock or penis that has come through the hole in the wall.
Glory holes can be found at swingers clubs, clubs, bars, sex shops, sex cinemas and even in public.
Originally a way for bisexual or gay men to have anonymous oral sex, it is now common for there to be mixed or single sex “givers” on the other side of the glory holes at swingers clubs, allowing straight, bisexual and gay men to receive anonymous oral sex from men or women. Guys remember to tap on the wall or door before you cum! The recipient may not want a mouthful! Always practice safe sex if taking part in anonymous sex.

Bisexual fun

Bisexuality and openness towards bisexuality has become more widespread over the last decade. With over 60% of women under 40 identifying as not straight and over 30% of men, bisexual swinging experiences are one of the most sought after and practised swinging experiences. This could include lesbian sex and Male on male oral sex or anal sex.

Strapon fun

Strapon fun can be enjoyed by both men and women swingers! Women often participate in strapon fun on other women analy or vaginaly, men participate receiving anal strapon sex. Submissive or sissy men often also enjoy performing simulated oral sex on a strapon.
With increasing acceptance of safe anal play, more swingers are experimenting with strapon play within a couple. Strapon play can stimulate the Male g-spot/prostate, providing increased pleasure and excitement, whilst also providing health benefits (for prostate play and massage).


Dogging is a swinging practice started in the UK where individuals and couples normally partake in anonymous sex at swinging locations, often within a car park. Several cars will park up at a remote location, people can then either watch what is happening within the car or partake if invited.


Cottaging is a gay swinging practice in which gay Male swingers meet in a secluded location, often woodlands or secluded public toilets to engage in bisexual or gay oral or anal sex.

Fetish play

Fetish play is the swinging practice of taking part in fetish activities. There’s are 100s of well known fetishes or “kinks”. The most common include whipping, spanking, canes, flogging, restraint, bondage, rope play (Shibari), sissification, bimboification, forced exposure, forced orgasms, cum play and toy play. More extreme fetish play is likely to take part at fetish events and parties instead of swingers parties and events.

Partner Swapping

Partner swapping is the practice of swapping or sharing your sexual partner, normally wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend with another couple. This is common with both straight and gay couples.

Full Swapping

Full swapping is a term used in the swinging lifestyle to describe a type of partner swapping where you partake in full sexual intercourse with the other swinging couple. This is the most common form of partner swapping.

Soft Swapping

Soft swapping is a term used in the swinging lifestyle to describe a type of partner swapping that does not include full sexual intercourse. Soft swapping can include kissing, foreplay, oral sex and masturbation for both men and women. This is often a great stepping stone for those who are new to swinging, although it is common for couples to only ever partake in soft partner swapping.