What made you start swinging?

I’ve always been open minded so when I found a ‘Dominant’ looking for a slave on Tinder, I thought fuck it lets meet this guy for a drink. That Dominant is now my boyfriend and we have an awesome and very open relationship. We use swinger profiles to couple swap, attend sex parties and just meet other like minded people. My boyfriend doesn’t mind me sleeping with other guys or girls as long as he gets the video evidence to get off to after and vice versa. The idea of my boyfriend with another girl is so hot. Obviously, I’m not the jealous type 😉

What was your first experience of group sex?

My first group experience was a foursome with two of my female best friends, one of whom is a lesbian and my boyfriend. Yes, he’s got it good ?

What was your first experience at a swingers club?

Our first sex party was at a sauna. It was a new experience to say the least! We didn’t get to involved just took in the atmosphere then went to a strip club after ?

What made you get into lapdancing?

I started dancing to pay my student loan

What was your first show/evening like?

I’ve never been so nervous in my life. But luckily I use to do pole fitness so I had a few tricks up my sleeve

What are the strangest events you have taken part in?

Hmm, I can’t really think of anything now I’m on the spot but a customer once paid me for a naked arm wrestle, which I lost

What naughty antics have you go up to with clients?


Have you taken part in any other public displays of nudity?

I had sex in a park in broad daylight, that was risky

Have you ever taken part any naughty / kinky dares? Forfeits? Lots bets?

I haven’t, but I would

Have you ever played any stripping games?

No, but strip poker sounds right up my street

When did you have your first bisexual experience?

I was 17 and on holiday in Tenerife

What are your kinks and fetishes?

Everything and anything, they change weekly. This week it’s dads

What are your thoughts or experiences on the following:

Strap-ons – had sex with a lesbian with a strap on and loads of people walked in. My mum later found it hidden in the kitten cupboard when she came to visit, LOL
Sex cinemas – Pornhub’s better, all a bit old school